Can You Smoke Kratom Powder? Question, Answered.


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Kratom powder has become increasingly popular in recent years. A lot of people have been smoking it and using Kratom in other ways, and the recreational drug has been compared to marijuana in a lot of ways.

It is well known in the east, but it has been gaining popularity in the United States as well, and now many vendors are selling it online.

Keep in mind that yes, you can smoke kratom, but many users advise against it because it limits the potency of the drug. If you’re not trying to maximize the impact, however, smoking kratom is a perfectly viable method of enjoying the substance. Since it is weak in this form, you can relax and enjoy it leisurely.

What is kratom powder?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is an evergreen tree native to eastern countries like Thailand and Malaysia. The Leaves of the tree are a stimulant and can get the user high by ingesting them, one way or another. Kratom powder is a powderized version of dried kratom leaves. It has a similar high to opioids.

Traditionally, the leaves were chewed fresh, but as mentioned before, kratom can be taken in many ways. People in the west who have experience with marijuana may like to smoke kratom resin.

Currently in Canada, kratom resin is not available, you can only buy Kratom powder in Canada.

Is smoking kratom safe?

Just like how the high is similar to opioids, so are the side effects. To stay safe with kratom you must exercise the same self-control you would impose on yourself with any other recreational or prescription drug. Over-use can cause many adverse effects.

The side effects of kratom include anxiety, agitation, itching, loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, excessive sweating, constipation, hypotension, and tachycardia. Abusing the drug may cause seizures and psychosis.

Heavy kratom users are susceptible to withdrawal, so it is important to stay safe and avoid developing a dependency, as quitting or even cutting down to healthy levels will be distinctly difficult. Smoking kratom extract or any other form of kratom is still a form of smoking, which is harsh on the respiratory system, so keep that in mind as well.

That being said, as long as you don’t abuse it, kratom is perfectly safe to use. It has a number of positive effects, though several are medically unconfirmed.

Users have experienced pain relief, increased energy and appetite and increased libido. Kratom has been used as a home remedy for cough and diarrhea and has been used as a local anaesthetic.

One traditional way kratom has been used in the past is as a treatment for opiate addiction. Historically, the eastern part of the world, in particular, has had a lot of struggles with opiate addiction, and many people have looked to kratom as a way of battling the addiction. With that in mind, it is unwise to replace one addiction with another – and kratom is addictive.

Like with all intoxicating substances, you should not take kratom if you are going to be operating machinery or driving, as the effects of kratom may make you incapable of safely operating machines. We must also stress that there is little-to-no medical research on the effects of kratom on a pregnant woman, so you should not take it or expose yourself to second-hand kratom smoke if you are pregnant. When it comes to recreational drugs, always err on the side of caution.

How to smoke kratom leaf

Kratom can be smoked through a hookah, as a joint, or in a bong – really, any way you can smoke marijuana can work for kratom. Some people like to mix kratom with marijuana or with tobacco and smoke it that way. We cannot comment on what kind of impact that will have on your body, however, so if you plan to do something like that, use at your own risk.

Kratom leaves and powder are not very strong when smoked – it is advisable not to smoke kratom leaves for that reason. You will get a better high by drinking kratom tea. That being said, if you know how to smoke kratom resin, that high will be much better.

Do you smoke kratom extract?

It is possible. You would use a similar method to people who smoke hash oil. You can use a vaporizer or smoke it through a bong. You could also go for a DIY style rig – one person suggested that you could heat up charcoal, dip a metal wire or stick in the extract, press it against the charcoal and suck up the smoke with a small tube.

We cannot verify the effectiveness or the safety of a DIY rig for smoking kratom extract and resin, so keep that in mind and use at your own risk.

Kratom smoke blends

There are all kinds of blends for kratom – in that regard, it is similar to marijuana. You have a lot of options, based on the quality and strength of the leaves and the herbal blends involved. Different strains and leaves of varying potency to create new products.

There are a lot of fantastic kratom shops that offer herbal blends, and many are all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Take your time and pick out the blend you like best.

Alternatives to smoking

There are many different ways to enjoy Kratom and its effects. We’ve mentioned many of them before, but we will go into more details.


The traditional method of consumption has been practiced for hundreds of years. In Thailand especially, it was once customary to receive guests with a small snack of kratom leaves. The taste is known for being quite bitter, which leads to a lot of people pairing it with something sweet or adding sweetener to it. Note that a lot of people remove the vein of the leaf before they consume it.


Kratom works well for making edibles, similarly to marijuana. You can put kratom in all kinds of foods, but the most common thing to do is to use the powder as an ingredient in making cookies, brownies, and other sweets which will overcome kratom’s natural bitterness. As with marijuana edibles, you should watch your consumption, because it’s easy to over-consume the drug by a lot when you can barely taste it.

If you really want to make kratom taste good, put it in a milkshake. A chocolate kratom milkshake is highly recommended among the people who make edible kratom recipes. Chocolate isn’t necessary, but ideally, you want something with a rich, powerful flavour, to overcome the taste of kratom.


Coming from the east, this should be obvious, but kratom is often consumed as a tea. The tea is bitter but can be sweetened with honey, sugar or sweetener. There are plenty of recipes for how to make kratom tea online, and they are simple and easy to follow. A lot of people recommend having a sweet, fruity cold drink to act as a chaser when you drink kratom tea, to counter-act the bitter taste. In that way, consuming kratom tea can be somewhat similar to drinking bitter liquor.


If you really want to take kratom like a type of liquor, you can simply mix it with water to create a slurry. As long as you add enough water, you can maintain a liquid consistency and dissolve all the powder, then you just chug it down and chase it with fruit juice or a minty gum to get rid of the bitterness and the aftertaste. Be warned though – this is arguably the most unpleasant way to take kratom. If you’re going to do it like this, be prepared for the taste.

If you add only a little bit of water, then it will form a paste, not unlike a water/cornstarch mixture. In this case, you can eat it with a spoon and follow it up with water or fruit juice to make it easier to swallow, or you could mix in a little honey for its sweetness.


Some kratom shops sell kratom powder in a capsule. You can just swallow the pill with a bit of water and that’s that – no bitter taste, no aftertaste, nothing. It’s a good way to take kratom if you aren’t looking to do anything elaborate, or anything that involves a lot of preparation.


Kratom is a fun recreational substance with many potential medical uses. These uses are still being researched, so we don’t know the true value of kratom yet, but as it grows in popularity, we will see more and more research dedicated to unlocking kratom’s capabilities.

Like marijuana, there are all kinds of possibilities for enjoying it, whether you want to smoke it, eat it, or slam it like a shot of whiskey. The side effects are harsh, but nothing to worry about if you use safely. Just make sure you limit your usage so that you do not develop an addiction, as kratom addictions are difficult to kick due to the withdrawal symptoms.

Remember, kratom is not legal everywhere. If you wish to partake, be sure to check your local laws to make sure you aren’t running afoul of any drug regulations.

Have fun, stay safe, and don’t abuse it.



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