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Canada Kratom Express is one of the most well-known vendors in Canada. They are based in Ontario and ship quickly across the country. We ordered from Canada Kratom Express to try their services, and we were quite happy! CKE provides high quality kratom and has many strains available. They work with farmers in Southeast Asia, as well as test their product upon arrival in Canada. Read on for our full review of Canada Kratom Express.

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Canada Kratom Express Review


Ordering from CKE was a breeze. The website is laid out nicely and very functional on my phone and computer. The strain selection is massive, along with the option of creating combo packs. The design of the website is really nice, which offers a pleasant experience. They also offer same-day shipping on order placed before 12 noon ET.


CKE takes extra time with their packaging to clearly label what is in the package. Even as far as colour coding which marker they use on which strains (red, gold, green, etc.) Quite impressive minor detail. The packaging is also food-grade and resealable.


The customer service team at Canada Kratom Express really and truly cares about their customer. They are available to answer any questions about the product and recommend strains. They respond quickly, and during the ordering process I was updated on the status of my order. Shipping times were fast as well, with 2-day delivery to the west coast (from Ontario).


First a mention of product quality. CKE offers both normal and super strains; we asked them about what makes a strain super, which is purity and potency mainly. We tested super vs normal strains we ordered, and the super is definitely more potent. To me CKE really takes the time to ensure you get what they are offering – super is super.

Now, product pricing on CKE is slightly higher than other vendors, but you have to consider the quality. Another great thing is the selection they have available. Overall the product for the price is a great deal.


We highly recommend Canada Kratom Express, they are a professional service that really cares about their customers and the product that they provide.  Of the Kratom vendors we spoke with, this brand was most passionate about the healing powers of Kratom and how it helps people.

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We do not currently have a coupon code for CKE – please check back soon!

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