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Traditionally, the fresh or dried leaf of the Kratom tree had been chewed in order to release its full benefits as a healing herbal substance. With its increase in popularity so have the forms that are becoming available. Gone are the days that the only way you can get your hands on Kratom would be in full or crushed dried leaf form. The most common ways to find Kratom now are in the form of root, powder, and extract. If you’re thinking, wait, let’s take a step back, how does Kratom transfer from a leaf to these three, don’t worry, we’ll explain it all and take you through the process. If you want to learn more about the different types of Kratom then you’re exactly where you need to be so stay tuned for more. Also, find out which types are best for certain applications!

What is Kratom?

If you want a full and comprehensive explanation on what exactly Kratom is and where it comes from, take a look at our post on What is Kratom, where we break down the herb chemically as well as go into a basic overview of the strains available and their effects. For the purpose of this post, it’s important to know that Kratom comes from the leaves of the Kratom tree, Mitragyna Speciosa, a naturally grown tropical evergreen tree from Southeastern Asia.

Why Use One Type Over The Other ?

First things first, availability will play a huge role in which type of Kratom you choose to buy. Secondly, there are different applications for each type of Kratom, therefor you’ll want to use the right Kratom for the application you have in mind. Take a look below for a full guide on Kratom Root, Kratom Powder, and Kratom Extract.

The Types of Kratom

Root – The so called ‘undesirable’ part of the plant

There’s been talk around whether the roots of the Kratom tree provides benefits. Many think that they may contain the same active alkaloids that are found in the leaves however, there hasn’t been a study confirming this. Although we know little about the root of the Kratom, there has been more research into the use of the stems and veins.

Typically, the stems and veins are normally thrown away as they are said to cause adverse side affects such as anxiety, however from what we’ve read, this is not entirely true. The adverse effects only come from the stems and veins of certain strains. Any reputable vendor would be aware of this and only package and sell mixes with the stems and veins, if they were of the strains that didn’t carry these adverse affects from this part of the plant.

Also, the leftover stems and veins have been found to actually have specific alkaloid chemicals that aren’t found in the same quantities as in the leaf, meaning that in fact the stems and veins do have value. Alkaloids present in the stems and veins such as mitraphylline is great for stimulating the immune system and helping with improving general health. Other alkaloids such as corynantheidine and rhynchophylline are opioid antagonists that are believed to have an effect at other reception sites such as the serotonin receptors. On a nutritional level, the fibre that is present in the stems and leaves of kratom is substantially higher than in the leaf therefor the benefits of this alone are an added bonus!

Stems and vein blends alone may not produce the desired affects you may be after but when blended with their compatible strain, the user will often benefit from this addition.

Benefits of Stem & Vein

When adding the leftover stem and vein compounds to a leaf blend, there are actually more benefits then one would expect.

  • Improves the power of the leaf: Naturally, because you are adding another compound which is also rich in alkaloids of a different kind, you are increasing the power the leaf blend has.
  • Enhancing period of effects: Many vendors who make blends with the stems and veins say that adding these compounds actually extends the onset of the effects. This is due to the hypothesis that additional time for digestion is required to break down these parts of the plant.
  • Re setting tolerance: Individuals who have experimented with stem & vein blends have commented that when incorporating a week of use, once every couple months, they were able to keep their tolerance levels from rising.

Based off online stem & vein Kratom reviews, Happy Hippo Herbals is the preferred vendor of stem & vein Kratom.

Powder – Dried & Pulverized Form

One of the most common and easily available types of Kratom online is in powder form either packaged as a powder or sold in tablets or capsules. You can also easily make your own Kratom powder by either drying fresh leaves and then crushing them into a fine powder or taking already dried leaves and using a blender, coffee grinder works great, to blend them into a dust. The resulting substance will look like a fine, lightly packed powder that is green or another colour, depending on the strain.

How to Use Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is extremely bitter and not tasty at all which is why many choose to add it to foods and beverages, often making smoothies or teas from it. Adding citrus to the mix is not only good for flavour improvement but helps activate the Kratom and allow it to kick in faster. Besides adding it to food or beverages, you can also take Kratom powder in the following ways:

  • Toss & Wash


The preferred dosage is measured out and then put into your mouth, normally under the tongue, and it is followed by a drink of water or juice to toss it down.

  • Kratom Capsules

Powder is filled into capsules form and it is taken like a standard pill. This form is becoming the most popular because each capsule has a predetermined potency which is great for helping you control the dosage. Read more about buying kratom capsules on reddit on our review page. Capsule form allows you to intake a safe and accurate amount of Kratom in order to gain the maximum benefit.

*If taken on an empty stomach and between meals, the effects of Kratom powder will be higher.

Why is Kratom Powder Preferred?

Many users say that kratom powder is more cost effective than other types of Kratom and is versatile in its application. Users comment that when taken with tea, the effects are more stimulating and although the pain relief benefits are less noticeable, the other common effects of euphoria and mood boosting feels are increased. For anyone looking for sedative effects, then taking Kratom in powder form is the preferred. Another valuable benefit of Kratom powder is that it’s more easy to measure, therefor, the ability to administer an accurate dosage is significantly greater than if trying to measure leaves.

Benefits of Kratom Powder

Depending on the strain you’ve chosen, there will be different effects however, in general the following are some of the most known effects from taking Kratom powder.

  • Natural Analgesic

The pain relief benefits many praise Kratom powder are due to the naturally occurring alkaloids that are present. These alkaloids work by affecting the hormonal system and act to help eliminate pain.

  • Anti inflammatory

There is evidence that Kratom powder is able to increase the resiliency of the immune system and help ward of illness and disease.

  • Increased Energy

Thanks to the effect Kratom has on hormones and your metabolic system, an increase in energy is often a result of taking Kratom powder.

*Other positive effects are that Kratom powder can increase mental clarity and act as a muscle relaxant.

Side Effects

When consumed in high doses, over time, your body can become dependent on the energy boost that Kratom powder provides and may lead you to withdraw symptoms if you come off of it. Other side effects include things like drowsiness, nausea, and stomach discomfort.

Where To Buy Kratom Powder Online

For a comprehensive guide of reputable online vendors, check out our post onWhere To Buy Kratom in Canada Online’.


Typically slightly more difficult to find a good quality product, Kratom extracts are an enhanced form of Kratom and are of the highest potency available. Extracts have a higher concentration of alkaloids due to the process which the Kratom follows where through extraction, it’s alkaloids become concentrated. Kratom extracts are only recommended to more experienced users, because of their potency and ability to produce intense effects. Extracts are available in different potencies which is why it’s important to know your bodies tolerance and choose the right potency for you.

How to Use Kratom Extract

If using a Kratom extract it’s important to start slow and take a low dose. Remember, extracts have a higher potency therefor dosage is extremely important when taking them. Know your body and how it reacts to plain leaf and powder forms before introducing Kratom extracts. Keep in mind that if taken on an empty stomach, the effects will come on much faster than if taken right before or after a meal. If you’re adding your Kratom extract to a juice, it’s best to make sure that the flavour of the juice is able to combat the bitterness of the extract. Other ways to take a Kratom extract would be by adding it to tea or food.

When purchasing an extract, pay attention to what is listed on the packaging, you will often find a 1x, 5x, 10 x, etc. Take a look at the bottom of this post at #1 in our FAQ for an explanation on what exactly this means.

Why is Kratom Extract Preferred?

Taking extracts are often a preferred method of intake because they have been made to be more concentrated and potent. With less, you’ll get more. For anyone suffering from chronic or debilitating pain, extracts are the choice type of Kratom.

Benefits of Kratom Extract

Just as with powder, the benefits experiences with Kratom extract will be dependent on a few different factors. The first factor will be the plant base material that is used for the extraction and the second is based on the method of extraction. Take a look below for an explanation on each method of extraction and their associated pros and cons.

Water Based

Water based Kratom extracts are the most common of the extracts. The semi solid form, can be made with a procedure such as this:

  1. Grind the leaf finely & add water to make a solution
  2. Place this solution over a flame and boil for up to 30 min, make sure to continue stirring
  3. Strain and filter out the residue
  4. Take this residue, add lemon juice (for flavour) and boil once again for around 20 min
  5. Strain & let dry until the remaining moisture is gone.
  6. The material that will be left will have a semi thick texture that is easily malleable. You can either form it into capsules or use as you wish.

On the packaging of a water based Kratom extract you will often find the indicators 10X or 25X for example. What this tells you is the amount of plain leave that was used when creating the same weight that the resulting extract has. Further explanation can be found in our FAQ.

Kratom Resin

Made in the same way as a water based extract however instead of using water, a polar and non polar solvent is used in the extraction. Kratom resin, which is also a semi solid type of extract, is said to be more stimulating and satisfying than other types of extracts since it is extremely well rounded. Resin has a high potency level and must be taken with care. The most popular way to take resin would be by dissolving it in hot water and taking it like a tea or simply clumping it up into a capsule size and swallowing it.

Liquid Based Tinctures

A liquid based extract that is liquid in its final form. If bought from a reliable and experienced Kratom vendor, the potency of a tincture can be incredibly powerful. With tinctures, extraction methods and potencies varies, so its best to do your research when it comes to which one is best to buy.

In a tincture, all active alkaloids are extracted and then later diluted using a solvent such as ethanol. The material that is left will be a thick liquid that is easy to store and convenient to take whenever you need. Normally, a tincture is taken by placing a dropper of liquid under the tongue and letting it absorb for all the desired effects. What’s great about tinctures is that you can prepare a lot and store it for up to a year meaning that you won’t need to prepare or buy them often. As far as flavour goes, tinctures are less bitter than other forms and with this form, the user often experiences less negative side effects.

Enhanced Kratom Leaf Extract

An enhanced Kratom leaf extract is made by taking the highly potent extract and dissolving it in a solution, soaking the kratom powder/leaves in the solution and then drying. The method produces a highly potent end product. The most common blend is the Ultra Enhanced Indo.

Type of Extraction Pros Cons
Water Based
  • Dissolves easily in water
  • Little side effects
  • More alkaloid concentration than a plain leaf thus more stimulating
  • Not well rounded, recommended to take along with plain leaf
  • Risk of increasing tolerance
  • High cost per potency level
Kratom Resin
  • High potency per weight
  • Well rounded and offers a spectrum of full effects
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive compared to plain leave
  • Possibility of more side effects
  • Sensitive to temperature
Liquid Based Tinctures
  • Fast acting
  • Easy storage
  • Quite expensive
  • Potency is variable
  • Not known to provide a full spectrum of effects
  • Quick to develop tolerance
Enhanced Kratom Leaf Extract
  • Extremely potent
  • Little side effects per potency
  • Highly effective for pain relief
  • Well rounded
  • Expensive
  • Quick to develop tolerance
  • Prolong use and abrupt cessation can bring on withdrawal symptoms

Where to Buy Kratom Extract Online

Which Form is Better?

One form of Kratom is neither better or worse than the other. The way to know which form is best for you is to first ask yourself the question, what you are needing the Kratom for?

If you’re looking to use Kratom for therapeutic use then extracts, capsules and tablets will be the best form since they are highly accurate dosages and extremely effective. For the casual users looking for a light stimulant, you’ll enjoy the benefits of leaves and powders.

The second consideration you should make when trying to determine which form is better for you is whether convenience is important. Capsules are the most convenient way to take Kratom. Since they have a set potency, it’s an easy way to take your Kratom and the bonus is that you’ll know that with capsules you’ve got the right dosage.

Your third question to ask yourself is what your budget is. The most cost effective forms of Kratom are leaves and powders, while capsules, extracts, and other forms come with a higher price tag due to the fact that they pass through more processes before they get to the buyer.

FAQ  – A Couple Burning Questions


  • My extract is rated as 15x, what does this mean?


This number indicates the extraction concentration factor by volume. What this means is that 15g of powder was required to make the extract. The same goes for any other number; ex. 5x would indicate that 5g of Kratom was used to make 1g of extraction. As a note, 15x is not necessarily stronger or more potent than 5x. Potency will depend more heavily on the strain.


  • What kind of texture does Resin extract have?


The appearance of resin is typically a blackish or dark brown colour and the texture is similar to that of cannabis extract like hash.


  • Can I smoke Kratom powder?


The answer to this question is yes however we wouldn’t suggest smoking Kratom powder as it will not have the same effects you would expect from if you were to ingest it other ways. In order for the effects of Kratom to be present, your body needs to absorb the Kratom into the bloodstream so that it can be carried to the brain and act on your neurological receptors. When Kratom is smoked, the quantity of alkaloids that enters the lungs and actually gets absorbed into the bloodstream is quite low.


When used responsibly, whether it be any of the three forms of Kratom we’ve discussed: Root, Powder, or Extract, Kratom is able to provide a number of incredible health benefits. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to boost your energy levels, deal with chronic pain, increase productivity, or help improve your overall quality of life then you’ll definitely want to try out the forms of Kratom we’ve listed to see which is best for you.

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