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Brewing up a cup of Kratom tea is one of the most preferred ways by many to consume the naturally grown herbal, Mitragyna Speciosa. If increased energy and enhanced mood is what you’re after then you’ll be able to reap full benefits from drinking Kratom tea. Easy to prepare, all you really need is Kratom in a coarsely ground or crushed form, weigh scale, a pot, strainer, cup, some water, and a stove to boil on. We’ll help you through the process and provide recipe guidelines along with variations, Kratom dosage information, and how to store your Kratom tea. Before we get into all that, I’m sure you’d like to know the characteristics of Kratom tea and what makes this method of consumption so great; let’s dive in!

What is Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is a herbal remedy that is consumed by many for its invigorating, energizing and stimulating effects on the body and mind. When Kratom leaves are brewed as a tea or kratom powder is added to hot water, the alkaloids in the kratom infuse into the water and through ingesting, the individual’s physiology is modulated. Drinking Kratom tea often results in increased desired physiological effects.

As a note: The amount of sediment that is found at the bottom of the Kratom powder tea, may be an indicator of the alkaloid constitution. The more sediments, the more alkaloids, the more effects.

Benefits of Drinking Kratom Tea

The way you consume your Kratom with yield specific side effects. Many people enjoy drinking Kratom tea because they claim there are minimal side effects. Individuals also say that drinking Kratom tea eliminates the possibility of the nasty wobbly side effect that is often associated with consuming the powder straight.

If you are looking for a method to consume your Kratom, that will offer greater stimulation effects, then drinking Kratom tea is the answer.

*It’s important to note that if maximum pain benefits are what you desire from drinking your Kratom tea, this method will not be the best for you; this is because the analgesic effects are masked slightly when Kratom is made into tea.

How long before the effects of Kratom tea kick in?

Within 20-30 min the effects of Kratom tea can kick in, thus making it one of the most fast acting methods of consumption. What’s great about taking Kratom in a tea is that it’s an easy way to control your intake for the simple fact that it’s being consumed slowly. If you feel any small unwanted side effects coming on, you can simply stop drinking the tea. The relaxing and stimulating effects of drinking Kratom tea will typically last 2-3 hours, but could last longer depending on the strength of the batch. Strains such as Maeng Da often last longer.

For tips on how to increase the length of time you feel the effects,

check out #6 in our FAQ, found at the bottom of this article.

What are the main benefits of drinking Kratom tea?

First things first, the great thing about consuming Kratom in a tea is that drinking tea naturally helps release endorphins in the brain which activate your opiate receptors thus bringing about feelings of happiness. Since it is only Kratom in water, it is all-natural. There are numerous benefits of consuming Kratom powder in tea, these are the most common:

  • Reduced pain
  • Offers energy boosting effects
  • Helps lesson feelings of bloating and/or abdominal cramps
  • Increases focus
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Boasts healing properties by increasing circulation and blood flow
  • Elevated mood

Kratom Tea Recipes – Basics to Brewing 

There are a variety of procedures for brewing Kratom tea, some more simplified than others but they all share a similar method. If you’re looking for a simplified method to brew a cup of Kratom tea, head to the bottom of this section.  

Take a look below for what you’ll need to make Kratom tea:

  • Kratom tea leaves or powder (depending on the recipe)
  • Weigh scale
  • Saucepan
  • Heat source (stove or kettle)
  • Strainer
  • Water
  • Flavour enhancer (ex. Lemon)

Standard method for how to make Kratom tea – Maximum benefit method

The following recipe is for 8 doses of a semi strong Kratom tea. Remember that properly making the tea takes a bit of time which is why making more and storing for same day use or next day use will help you save on time. If you want to know how to make strong kratom tea, this is the best method.

  1. For 8 doses you will require 2 oz of dried crushed or coarsely ground leaves. In a saucepan, combine the leaves as well as 1 litre of water.

* See the next section for how to properly measure your dosage

* If you have a blender or coffee grinder you can use either to grind your Kratom leaves

  1. Bring the liquid to a simmer for 15 min
  2. Pass the liquid through a colander or strainer into a container and reserve
  3. Squeeze the leaves in the colander to extract the remaining water
  4. Return the leaves to the saucepan, add another litre of water
  5. Simmer again for another 15 min
  6. Strain the liquid into the container where you put the liquid from step 3
  7. Simmer both batches together & reduce


  • The longer you reduce the liquid, the more concentrated it will become. You can experiment at this stage to see how much reduction in the liquid provides you with your desired effect.
  • Throw the leaves out after you’ve simmered them a second time


Simplified method of a Kratom tea recipe

  1. Take 1/2 cup of water & squeeze in the juice of 1/2 lemon.
  2. Bring the water to a simmer while stirring in the Kratom powder or leaves (measured out based on your deserted dosage – see section to follow on dosage guidelines)
  3. Simmer for 15 minutes
  4. Take off the heat source & Strain
  5. Reserve any undissolved powder or the leaves, for use later or throw away.

*Remember, when using the leftover kratom a second time, the tea will not be as potent.

Although you can simply mix in powder to a hot cup of water, you will not receive maximum benefits and that’s because simmering the tea will allow for maximum release and absorption of the alkaloid properties into the water.

Dosage Information

For accurate dosages, always measure your Kratom with a scale rather than by volume for the simple reason that 1 tsp of finely ground kratom will weigh different then 1 tsp of crushed leaves. Measuring by volume will result in inaccuracies.

The information below on dosages serves only as a general guide for the average person. Everyone will react differently to a specific dosage which is why, it’s always good to listen to your body and take care when experimenting with a herbal remedy that is new to you. What may be strong or weak for one may not be for another.

As a general guide, for a finely ground powder:

1-3 grams will produce a mild effect

5 g – standard dose for an average user

10 g – strong dose

11 + – extremely strong dosage

Measuring your dosage

1 tsp of:

Coarsely ground = 0.8g

Finely ground = 2g

Very finely ground = 2.25g

Storing & Reheating Your Kratom Tea

For the best effects, it is advisable to drink your Kratom tea immediately following preparation. If you want to make a larger batch and store it for later consumption you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits if you follow these steps for proper storage.

1) Cool your batch of tea before pouring it into a container, preferably a sealed glass container. Glass is best to ensure that no contaminants can leach through.

2) Place inside the fridge for storage up to 5 days.

3) If drinking the tea cold, make sure you stir the liquid so that the sediments can be mixed back in, these would have precipitated out while sitting in the fridge. We do advise heating the tea back up so these sediments can properly dissolve.

4) Re-heat on a simmer just until the tea is adequately warmed and the sediments have been dissolved.

5) Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the effects.

*Take a look below at #4 in the FAQ to know how to add flavour to your Kratom tea; you’re going to want to!


  • Can I get Kratom Tea in Canada?

Currently pre-made Kratom tea bags are not available for purchase in Canada. The reason being Kratom tea packets would come under scrutiny by Health Canada.  You are free to make your own tea for “scientific purposes” with Kratom, which can be purchased online or from a head shop.

  • What’s the best time of day to drink my Kratom tea?

First thing’s first, the time of day you drink your tea may change the type and intensity of the side affects you experience. These slight difference in the side effects is affected by the time of day of ingestion. The circadian biology of your system plays a huge factor in these side affects.  For example, we will naturally feel drowsy closer to the evening therefor, if drinking Kratom tea at night then these feelings may be amplified more.

  • Should I drink my tea on a full or empty stomach?

This is an area that has not yet been scientifically observed very well. What is known though, is there is a possibility that when consuming Kratom tea on an empty stomach, individuals may potentially experience a mild irritability and anxiety; for others, no side effects will be noticed at all. Factors such as the time between meals & Kratom ingestion, as well as hydration, type of macronutrients & micronutrients ingested before or after Kratom may all effect the side effects you may experience. Research suggests that certain drugs reach their maximum plasma concentrations when ingested on an empty stomach. Studies also claim that eating before ingesting a drug will affect the production of hormones and neurotransmitters which determine how you respond to a particular substance.

  • What type of powder should I use to make my Kratom tea?

The answer to this question will depend on the desired effect you’re after although, the preferred strain is red-veined Bali. This variety is known to produce the most relaxing and powerful effects, leaving the individual with a feeling of comfort and ease. For a more stimulating effect and an enhanced energy booster, the Maeng Da variety as well as a white vein kratom will produce the best effect.

We advise you to experiment with different strains as each one will provide you will varied effects; what may work for one, may not be as effective for another. Experimenting with various strains will help you determine the best one for you.

  • What’s the flavour like?

You now have the knowledge to brew a cup of the best Kratom tea but before you make your first batch, we’d like to remind you of one very important thing. Kratom tea does not taste good, we’d like to say it’s an acquired taste but that would be an understatement. Kratom tea is extremely bitter and undesirable to drink which is why you’ll want to jazz it up a bit.

Here’s a few ways you can add flavour to your Kratom tea:

  • Squeeze in a little fresh lemon into your cup. Not only will the lemon improve the flavour, it will actually help to protect the alkaloids present in the Kratom.
  • For all those chocolate fans, you can add powdered chocolate to the mix for an energy boosted hot chocolate.
  • Some other examples of flavour enhancers are honey, raw sugar, and cinnamon.


  • Is Kratom stable at high temperatures?

Although Kratom is stable at high temperatures it doesn’t hurt to take precautions to protect the alkaloids which is why we recommend that rather than boiling Kratom tea it is best to only simmer it.

  • How can I make the effects of Kratom tea last longer?

If you want to lengthen the time you’ll feel the effects of your tea you can do a number of things such as: Using a more powerful strain, combining 2 strains, drinking the tea on an empty stomach, brewing the tea for longer, or by taking a more concentrated dosage.


With our guide on how to make Kratom tea, we’re sure you now have the knowledge to become a pro at brewing up the best cup of tea on the block with the maximum effectiveness you desire. Always remember to follow the procedure for your Kratom tea recipe and use the proper measurements to ensure you’re consuming a safe amount; if you do this, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Due to the fact that Kratom tea doesn’t have extreme risks associated with it, and drinking Kratom tea in Canada is legal, you can drink it with peace of mind and ease.

Disclaimer: Make sure that you are buying your Kratom from a reliable source, one that completes rigorous testing on their products to ensure there are no contaminants present.


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