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It’s normal to feel stuck and overwhelmed by life sometimes. The environment we live in is demanding. It is unsurprising to turn to stimulating drugs due to the demanding and exhausting modern life we live. Some people turn to illegal medicine, alcohol and other drugs to provide them with the required energy. They are not aware that there is a source of energy and positive moods that does not have crazy side effects.

Kratom is a tree that originated from Southeast Asia, and the stimulants are present in the leaves. In its native region, it has been used for many years as an anti-diarrhea, sleeping pill, painkiller and recreational stimulant. People would just chew on the leaves for energy and go about their business. The tree has so many different benefits and has been in existence for more than a century. Within the 100 years it has been around, it has become the leading herbal product in the online markets across the globe.

This days kratom is available in capsules form filled with powdered leaves to reach many people from different regions. Kratom and coffee belong to the same family known as Rubiaceae.

It has the following characteristic:

  •    The stimulant is legal and safe for consumption. Most active young people are familiar with it especially those that cannot buy alcohol.
  •    Kratom is effective and lasts between five to seven hours. A large dosage can last for long but might cause other issues such as nausea.
  •    It contains a wide range of effects.

Effects of Kratom

The drug has a diverse range of effects. The popular effects include,

  •    Stimulation: when used in low quantity, kratom can work as a stimulant. It gives you the energy and mood to complete your tasks.
  •    Painkilling: one of the components in kratom is opioids. Opioids enter the blood and go straight to the nervous system to calm the nerves leading to pain relief and euphoria.
  •    Better focus and concentration: Kratom is responsible for calming the nerves and easing stress. As a result, you can stay focused.

How it works

The native users used to chew on kratom leaves every morning before going to work. Some of them still do so, hence the high productivity of Asians.  Kratom contains alkaloids, a compound responsible for defeating weak strength. As opposed to other stimulants, it is a healthy and natural herb that boosts energy without causing harmful effects such as addiction.

Kratom consists of stimulants that provide energy to stimulate the nervous system. The brain, therefore, sends signals to other parts of the body much quicker and more efficiently. This makes you think fast, focus more and concentrate sharply. It, therefore, becomes easy to perform tasks since you feel inspired and motivated. You become calm, confident and less worried. Other positive vibes caused by kratom include increased sexual desire and creativity.

To benefit from this drug, take the fresh leaves of kratom and directly chew them to produce the juice responsible for stimulation. You can also take the dried leaves, grind them and put them in capsules and you’re good to go.

Kratom for Energy: Advice for Best Strain

Kratom is new in Western Countries, and they have become more aware of its medicinal potential. Studies from those countries have shown that it’s a painkiller and can be used as an alternative to those suffering from opiate addiction.

Not all strains are same; some are used for stimulation and others are used for sedation. For that reason, it’s essential to understand the difference in all strains for you to receive the desired stimulation from its use.  It is also vital to learn its traditional use if you’re interested in using it for boosting energy. For example, there was a period when most Asian parents advised their daughters to be married by men who use kratom because they were more hard working, focused and productive in the community.

The following are popular types of strains you should try to help in boosting energy.

1. Thai

Thai originates from Thailand and is so far the best strain for an energy boost. This is because of its alkaloid and the high content of mitragynine, corynantheidine, and Indoles. The higher the content of mitragynine, the more energetic it is. Thai has three veins which are white, green and red veins. White and green veins are mild and are responsible for stimulation while the red vein is more of a painkiller than a stimulator. This strain is not like caffeine; it does not make you feel uneasy or nervous. It produces the right amount of energy to motivate you and keep you active.

2. Maeng Da

This strain is popular because it provides a balance between stimulation and pain relief due to the power of its leaves. It is compelling, and most people in search of energy stimulation do not prefer it since it can cause euphoria. It is genuine and effective for lower elevation. Maeng Da strain is in both powder and supplement form. The best options for energizing are the white Maeng Da and the Green Maeng Da. The disadvantage of this strain is that the effects disappear rapidly. It is not advisable to add another dose after that because your body could develop tolerance to the strain.

3. Vietnam

This kratom strain has been around for quite some time, but it gained popularity just recently. It is almost the same as Maeng Da, but in regards to providing energy, it only boosts the mental energy. The effects of this strain are unpredictable unlike in Maeng Da and Thai.

4. White Veins strain

This strain is common as well and provides increased energy to the user. However, it is important to know that the stimulation varies from one person to the other. Any kratom with a white vein strain is very stimulating. White veins control intense mood swings when taken in a small dosage. Therefore with this strain, there is no chance of addiction or tolerance.

Kratom Energy Dosage

Boosting energy is one of the many effects of kratom. Dosage setting is important and requires effort. There is a misleading fact which states that same dosage for all the strains is beneficial. This is wrong as different strains contain different chemical components and serve different purposes.

If you are taking kratom to boost your energy, it is advisable to take it in low to moderate doses just like any other stimulator. Low quantity guarantees more energy, confidence, mood enhancement and other positive energies.

If you take it in high quantities, the most likely scenario is the sedative effect. Now, you do not want to take kratom as an energy booster then fall asleep right after, without completing your tasks. The most appropriate dosage is between 3-5 grams of kratom. More than that would result in sedation.

For more experienced people, it is okay to take moderate to high doses because of their tolerance level.

The dosage of supplement and powder is not the same. While using a supplement, it is important to calculate the dose while for powder there is doubt. For supplements, high quantity should be used to get the energizing effect.

Who should use Kratom for Energy?

Almost anyone can use kratom for energy. In its native region, it was chewed by labourers to provide energy to go through the day successfully. It is very legal and fit for human consumption. It is natural, effective and benefits your health.

If you are a student and you need to work on several assignments, a businessman, a doctor or if you have a busy schedule on a given day, taking a dose of the energy strains will provide you with energy to last you a whole day. In addition, if you are in need of creativity because maybe you’re an artist or a writer, kratom will help to relax your brain. It is a good option for people who need to improve their stamina such as sportspeople. With kratom, you stay alert, focused and work for long hours. Furthermore, it contains some brain enhancement components, so it’s highly advisable for students and other professionals.

Bottom line

Kratom is a fantastic herbal supplement that will help change your life. You should take in in moderation to avoid dependence and other side effects such as headaches and dizziness. Kratom will provide you with the energy you need to complete your tasks, therefore, reducing the stress in your life. It can also be effective in reducing weight, just make sure that you use it responsibly.

In case you try one of the above strains for energy and notice that it’s not working, it is better to add a little dosage. If after adding it you still cannot notice the difference, it is at that point that you try a different strain. Different strains vary from one person to the other.

The best time to take the drug should be during breakfast. Make sure you take it with potentiators to increase its effects. Some of the best potentiators include chamomile tea, grapefruit and orange juice. Do it every day if required, be prepared from some pretty exciting results.



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