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In order to answer the question of what dosage of Kratom to take you’ll first need to identify the strain (Red vein, Green vein, White vein), type you’ll be using (leaf, powder, extract), and from which geographical zone it is coming from. Included in our guide we’ll break down the recommended dosage based on the strength of the Kratom since this is the major factor when trying to determine the correct dosage. There is a general rule when it comes to the dosage and we’ll share this with you as well. If you still have questions after, continue on to our FAQ where we’ll clear up the rest of what you may have doubts on.

Remember, that you should always follow the dosage guidelines by the specific vendor you’ve bought your Kratom from, as they know their product best and most often have done extensive testing to determine accurate dosage recommendations.

General Rule

As always, like the title states, this is a general rule for Kratom dosage. Since all vendors will be offering different strains of varying potencies, it’s important to follow the guidelines on the packaging of each product.

Sage Wisdom Botanicals provides a clear resource for Kratom dosages on their products and in our opinion, one of the more accurate guidelines for dosages which is why we’re referencing it here now.

As you see by the indicated chart, the Ultra-Potent Kratom and Kratom Extract are stronger than the Premium Quality Kratom at the same dosage.

Levels of strength

Threshold: Effects are present but subtle

Mild: Stimulate like effect

Moderate: The dividing line; some people experience stimulate like effects while others feel the euphoric and sedative effects

Strong: Not for the highly sensitive

Very Strong: Same sedative effects, euphoria, and analgesic effects as medium level strength. Too strong for the typical user.

Please note: The Kratom dosage chart above is a reflection of estimates. Remember that all vendors will have their own guidelines which you should cross reference with.

Main Factors Affecting Kratom Dosage

  • Tolerance level of the individual
  • Potency of the strain (each strain contains different alkaloids which are present in varied concentrations, thus producing a variety of effects)
  • Alkaloid concentration will depend on the location the plant was grown

Individual Tolerance

Since everyone has a different tolerance to Kratom, it is best to always start with a low dosage, especially if you are a new user. Individual factors such as your brain composition, genetic makeup, body mass index and blood viscosity will all make a difference to how your body handles Kratom. Over time, when you have learned the effects a particular dose has on your body, you can gradually increase your Kratom dosage. In general 1-4 g of Kratom is sufficient to observe positive effects. If you do need to increase the quantity, it is advised to only do so at 1 to 2 g increments.

Strain & Location

Some strains, such as Green Malay will be stronger at lower dosages, meaning that you will require less in order feel the effects. At a lower dosage, strains such as Green Malay will most likely provide an experience of higher euphoric effects rather than energetic effects. A Bali Kratom dosage and Maeng Da powder dosage on the other hand will most likely require higher dosing in order to feel similar effects.

Best Kratom Vendors in Canada to Buy From

The strength of your dose depends on the quality of your Kratom. Make sure that you purchase from our listed vendors so you get the best kratom in Canada.

Measuring The Right Kratom Dosage

There are a few important things to keep in mind when measuring out the correct dosage. If you follow our list of tips to measuring your Kratom dosage, you’ll be able to ensure you’re taking the accurate amount needed for your desired effects.

Always measure by weight, never volume

The same volume of crushed leaves will have a different weight than the same measurement of finely ground powder; for this reason, measuring by volume is not an accurate way to find your Kratom dose.

To find out how many grams of Kratom are in a teaspoon and tablespoon,

take a look at #2 in our FAQ section.

Buy an accurate digital scale

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a scale but you do need one that performs well, fast and with accuracy.

Tips For Proper Kratom Dosing Usage

We’ll emphasize again that in order to properly know the dosing for Kratom you have to first know your body and how Kratom reacts with it; small things such as how it reacts if consumed on an empty stomach vs following a meal are very important things to pay attention too.

  1. Each type of Kratom will effect your body in a different way. Make sure you experiment with caution, every time you test out a new form. If you are always drinking Kratom tea and then all of a sudden want to try capsules, or extracts remember that changing the type with drastically affect your experience.
  2. Keep hydrated – No matter which type of Kratom you take, you must always keep hydrated; failing to follow this tip could result in nausea and unpleasant headaches.
  3. Not all strains are made equal – Just as each type of Kratom will have a different reaction time in the body as well as effect, so will the different strains. When experimenting with different strains, treat each one with care and understand that just because you know how one recasts with your body, doesn’t mean you know how the others will take effect.

Most common strains available

  • Bali Kratom
  • Meant Da Kratom
  • Red Kali Kratom
  • White Vein Thai Kratom
  • White Vein Indo Kratom
  • Gold Reserve Kratom Extract
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract
  • Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract
  • Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract


  • How much do I need of Kratom to get high?

The answer to this will lie mostly in the strain. Some may think that by taking more Kratom, the euphoric affects will be greater although this is not the case. The key to potency is in the  alkaloid traits of the Kratom itself, each producing a different effect. For elevated feelings of euphoria and bliss, strains such as the white and green varieties of Maeng Da, Thai and Malay have all been noted as producing more psychoactive effects.

  • How many grams are in a teaspoon of a Kratom dose?

This will depend on how finely ground the Kratom is. A level teaspoon that is finely ground will roughly way 2g whereas the finest ground may weigh over 2.2. 1 level tablespoon of finely ground powder with thus weigh between 6-7g.

Note: Coarsely ground leaves will way less than finely ground or powder when measuring by volume.

  • Many sites say that with Kratom, less is more. How much Kratom should I take?

If you’re ever heard of the ceiling effect then you’ll understand this phrase but if not, let us explain. Taking more Kratom, doesn’t result in more positive desired effects. Consuming a higher dosage may actually provide reverse side effects and result in a greater likelihood of developing a tolerance. If you want positive results then its best to use a low dose to start.

  • What are the side effects of Kratom overdose?

If you have taken too much Kratom, you will most likely experience negative side affects such as nausea, dizziness, and the ability to stay focused to name a few. If you experience any of these side effects, you should immediately stop using the product, flush your system by drinking plenty of water, rest and wait at least 6-10 hours before thinking about Kratom re dosing; you’re body will need sufficient time to clear the Kratom out of your system.

Read more about the side effects of Kratom here.

  • I have built up an opioid tolerance, what dosage should I take?

No matter whether you have used opioids before, have a tolerance with them and are an ‘experienced user’ you should always start small. Taking 1g of Kratom is often all you need to reap the positive effects. Always start slow, listen to your body and never assume a certain dosage is ok for you.


When it comes to a question of how much Kratom to take, there is no simple answer. Although there is plenty of information out around Kratom dosing, finding a reputable source to help you out with the proper kratom powder dosage or kratom extract dosage can be tricky. There are many factors that will come into play when trying to determine Kratom dosing such as the body makeup of the individual, the desired effect they are after, and their history of use. As with anything, it’s always best to start with less and increase your dosage as you learn more about the affect it has on your body. Keep conscious, be aware, and always listen to what your body is telling you, and remember that no matter what any dosage chart tells you, your body will tell you best.

The information gathered and presented here is based on a number of related sites on dosage guidelines. We have investigated and compared all of the information to bring you the most accurate guidelines possible. With that said, any recommendation for Kratom dosage, made in this article, has not been evaluated by any governing organizations such as the FDA, DEA, Health Canada, or an other country’s governing bodies around health supplements. The information provided is intended for a general knowledge and is not in any way backed by professional medical advice.


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