Mixing Kratom With Alcohol and It’s Effects


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Kratom is an evergreen tree found in East-Asian countries, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. People use the leaves of the tree to achieve a similar kind of high to opioids. There are all kinds of fun ways you can consume kratom.

Some people like the traditional way – chewing the leaves fresh. Others like to smoke dried leaves like marijuana. You can also make tea with it, swallow kratom pills, or use its powder form in recipes. It’s a versatile drug that has a lot in common with marijuana.

Kratom benefits may have medical applications – it has been used in a lot of eastern homoeopathic remedies. But in the west, it’s known more for its recreational value. As kratom grows in popularity in the western world, people have begun to wonder just what kratom can do and in what ways it can be used.

Kratom vs alcohol

Kratom and alcohol provide very different forms of intoxication. The “highs” you get from both substances are very different.

Kratom is a stimulant. The high from kratom often provides the user with increased sex drive and energy, and it has pain relieving properties. This is one of the key areas where kratom and alcohol differ, as alcohol is not a stimulant.

Alcohol is a depressant. When you are drunk, you lose your balance, your vision blurs, you find it difficult to focus, your coordination and reflexes drop significantly, you become sleepy, and you experience mood swings.

Without presuming too much, typically speaking alcohol is a primarily social substance, something that you drink at parties, BBQ’s, weddings, etc. It’s become an almost necessary part of any kind of social gathering for adults.

Kratom, on the other hand, is more leisurely. A lot of times kratom is done socially as well – especially as traditionally it was used when welcoming guests into your home, it’s also something that a lot of people have partaken in alone.

Can you mix kratom and alcohol?

Alcohol comes in many shapes, sizes, flavours and potencies. From beers and ciders to hard liquors, alcohol is a versatile substance with several millennia of research and development behind it. We know what we are doing when it comes to alcohol.  There is such an incredible variety of flavours when it comes to alcoholic beverages. That’s one of the reasons for its popularity; there’s a flavour for everyone.

Kratom, on the other hand, does not have thousands of different options for flavour. Kratom comes in one flavour: bitter. Traditionally, kratom is paired with something sweet to offset its natural taste. Even today, because of the taste, many users try to get the highest potency they can to get high whilst taking in less of the drug’s taste.

Not only is kratom not entirely fun going down, it’s got a bit of an uncomfortable aftertaste too that can ruin the fun somewhat. This is why most guides to kratom use advise keeping something sweet like a fruity drink or a spoonful of honey close by, or they recommend making kratom milkshakes and edibles. Many have dedicated their time to figure out the best way to take the bite from kratom.

It would seem then that kratom and alcohol are natural friends, right? After all, there’s plenty of fruity or sweet drinks. There’s plenty of types of alcohol with overpowering tastes that would neutralize the kratom taste.

If you’ve considered making kratom tea with baileys in it or following up a kratom leaf with a cider, you’re absolutely not alone, many people have tried it.

You can mix alcohol and kratom in a variety of ways. There’s the kratom tea with alcohol example we mentioned above, but there are many kratom alcohol combinations out there. There are all kinds of methods to combine taking kratom and drinking alcohol, even mixing kratom with alcohol, but actually putting them into practice may not be the best idea.

Kratom and alcohol effects

We said you could mix them, but we didn’t say anything about if mixing them was a good idea or not. Generally speaking, mixing two addictive, intoxicating substances is universally a use-at-your-own-risk kind of deal.

Kratom and alcohol both act as a sedative, and while it varies from person to person, taking them together may amplify that, among other effects. That means that if you take them both, there’s a good chance that you crash, and crash hard. Not only that, but kratom has a hangover like alcohol, you might end up being hit with that double whammy in the morning.

Many users have reported that taking kratom before alcohol together delivers powerful feelings of euphoria. The elements of both the kratom and drinking alcohol that make you feel good are intensified and you experience it all at once.

But there are a couple of problems with this mixture. For starters, it lowers your coordinate much faster and lowers your tolerance for alcohol, often leading to users getting far more intoxicated than they can personally handle. Due to these effects, thousands of people a year end up in the hospital due to this mixture.

Users often find themselves getting sick due to nausea both substances cause, so by combining the two, you might just end up spending your night with your head in the toilet instead of living it up and having a good time. To be fair, you might end up like that just from drinking alcohol without kratom, but kratom doesn’t help with nausea.

The simple fact is, the effects of kratom don’t have the same thousands of years of research behind them that alcohol has, so what could happen to your body isn’t something that is well documented. The impact of taking a high dose of both alcohol and kratom together is unpredictable and potentially very dangerous.

The kratom hangover we mentioned above is known to cause lethargy and depression. Frequent use of the kratom alcohol combo can lead to a heavy dependency on both substances. A dependency that will then become quite difficult to get rid of.

Kratom alcohol abuse

Kratom and alcohol are both addictive substances. Alcoholism is one of the most common destructive addictions in the world, and kratom is just as addictive in its own way. Once you have formed a dependency, both substances become very difficult to kick because of their respective withdrawal symptoms.

Alcoholics in withdrawal suffer from all kinds of effects, which may even be life-threatening. Because of the severity of alcohol withdrawal, it is important for people who wish to kick the habit to seek help from medical professionals who will ensure that you can get clean without getting a bad case of death.

Withdrawal symptoms include nausea and vomiting, sweating, high blood pressure, and even seizures and tremors which can be very dangerous. Alcoholics in withdrawal may also experience hallucinations, and in rare and deadly cases, delirium tremens, which can cause your heart rate to spike.

Alcoholics suffering from withdrawal may also become anxious, irritable, and confused.

The effects of kratom withdrawal are marginally less dangerous and damaging to your health but are still quite difficult to deal with.

Kratom withdrawal may cause long-term lethargy, seizures, constipation, nausea, headaches, weight loss and anorexia, headaches, and joint paints. Users can also suffer from a spike in their aggression and hostility, they might experience hallucinations and delusions, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and even insomnia.

This makes kratom a rough drug to go cold turkey from.

Many people suggest using kratom as a means to assist with getting clean from harder drugs and from alcohol. It is highly recommended as a means of getting rid of an opioid addiction. A lot of people state that they would happily trade a hard drug addiction or an alcohol addiction for a kratom addiction, but doing so is, to be completely frank, short-sighted.

Kratom is a fun substance to use, but addiction is no joke and a dependency on kratom can be hazardous and can ruin your life just like any other drug addiction.

Use kratom and alcohol in moderation, and use both substances safely. Enjoy them, but don’t abuse them.


If you plan to mix kratom with alcohol, then by all means, go right ahead. Spiked kratom tea might be right up your alley, or you could kick off a night with your friends by chewing a leaf and having a couple of beers. But exercise caution.

Be smart. Don’t go overboard with either substance. Don’t abuse them, because getting clean again will be an absolute nightmare for you. Remember that when you mix the two substances, you won’t be able to drink as much alcohol as your tolerance will be lower than what you are used to.

Have fun and stay safe.







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