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Kratom Active is one of the most trusted vendors for Kratom in North America.  Based in Vancouver; they are known for organic & premium quality Kratom, exceptional customer service and shipping times. Kratom Active can produce the best quality Kratom because they work with farmers from Southeast Asia, to ensure quality, fresh product that is sourced 100% organic and sustainable. Please read our review for more info.

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Kratom Active Review


One of the best website’s seen in the Kratom industry. Nice design and super easy to order. They offer Purolator Next Day Shipping for the cheapest I’ve seen available, and they have free Expedited shipping over $99. Same day shipping before 2 pm Pacific.


One of the nicest packaging I’ve seen in the industry. Very professional, heat-sealed pouch’s that look like they should be in Vitamin Store.


Responded to my emails in 24 Hours and very professional. Received my tracking number an hour after I made my order and received my package the next day.


Kratom Active has by far some of the best Kratom I have ever tried, it was very fine and fresh. The main thing that set them apart was the potency, I can take a much smaller dose and feel more than I would with other companies. Each strain acted just like each strain should, which you find some stores their Kratom is all similar. This is not the case, each strain is very unique. They offer mixed kilo’s on sale for $143.99. Which is one of the lower prices I’ve seen them for.


I highly suggest giving Kratom Active a try, as they have many things going for them. They have great packaging, potent kratom, friendly staff, and quick shipping. Go to this page to see all of our vendor reviews.

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