Red Bali Kratom: Effects, Dosage & Benefits Guide


The three main veins of Kratom are green, white and red. Each colour brings with it different effects and benefits, and it helps to know beforehand what to expect. 

Although the exact location of where Red Vein Bali is grown is unknown, some believe it originally came from a mix of Sumatra and Borneo Kratom however there isn’t any proof of this. Although origin is important to understanding Kratom leaves effects, in some cases like this, it isn’t essential. 

Red Bali is popular amongst Kratom users, and offers a host of in-demand effects and benefits which will be explored in this article.  

Red bali kratom effects

The effects can differ for each person, as there are many external and internal factors that can play an influence into how Kratom affects an individual. In general however, Red Vein Bali is known to give users the following effects:

  • Anxiety relief 
  • Pain relief
  • Mood enhancer
  • Relaxation
  • Sedation

There are many reviews online that suggest Red Bali is a popular choice amongst users looking for relief and relaxation. Users describe it as being very potent, with strong sedating effects depending on the dosage amount. 

Some of the negative side effects can include[1]:

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth 
  • Thyroid problems 

These side effects are general to Kratom usage, and users should understand that Kratom can cause dependency with prolonged use over a long period of time. 

Red bali kratom dosage

The general rule of thumb when trying any substance for the first time is to start low and build up. As Red Bali has quite a high potency, even users who have tried other strains of Kratom should begin with a small dose to begin with. 

This is a rough guide[2]:

  • Beginner dose -1-2 grams 
  • Moderate dose – 2-4 grams 
  • Strong dose – 4-6 grams
  • Extreme – 6-8 grams

The form in which Red Bali is taken can also play a big role when deciding on a dosage amount. Kratom can be consumed through powder, capsules and crushed leaves for tea. Taking Kratom on an empty stomach, for example, is likely to bring on the effects quicker. 

Capsules are great for their precise measurements, so new users might prefer this method as they can accurately keep a record of how many grams they consume in each sitting. 

Red bali vs red borneo

Although they are from the same vein, their countries of origin are probably different, which can change the effects Kratom gives to people. Red Bali is milder than Red Borneo, which is used for its stimulating effects whilst also making the user feel relaxed and calm mentally. Red Borneo is also known for its mood enhancing effects. Although they both offer similar effects, each strain will differ from user to user, and one shouldn’t be used as a substitute for the other as they both have individual affects. 

A reddit user found that Red Borneo worked quicker for her than Red Bali, and others commented on how it helped with acute pains. To accurately tell the difference, it is advised to take equal doses of each, and in the same circumstances (on different days) to be able to work out which strain is better suited for the user. 

Red bali kratom benefits

Users turn to Red Bali for its relaxing, calm effects, which can be long lasting depending on the dosage.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Analgesic

Although it isn’t the fastest acting type of Kratom, when it does kick in, it is great for pain relief, especially for chronic pain. 

  • An energy boost 

If taken in small doses, Red Bali can act as a mild energy boost and increase productivity throughout the day. As well as this, it enhances the user’s mood. Users should take this strain in the evening however, as there is a fine line between being a boost and being a sedative. 

  • A sedative 

Users who suffer with insomnia often turn to Red Bali (or any of the Red strains) as they are well known for their sleep inducing effects. This general occurs from taking larger doses.[3] 

Red Bali is a great option for those looking for pain relief and relaxation, however those who wish for a more stimulating experience should look to Green or White veins for their energy boosting qualities. If used responsibly, taking Red Bali can help those with chronic pain and insomnia, although users should take precaution if using Kratom alongside other substances. 

Finding a reputable vendor is important and users should always start off with small quantities when experimenting with new substances.  





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