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In a previous article we went through The Best Places To Buy Kratom Online in Canada and highlighted all the best vendors based on their level of quality, harvesting practices and available strains. What we noticed as we wrote this was that many people still prefer to buy in store but often find it difficult to source a reputable option of where to buy from. To make it easier for you, we’ve gone through the selection that´s out there and are putting all the info together in a series to help you find the best vendor in all the mejor Canadian cities. In this post we’ll share with you the best Kratom Edmonton vendor! 

Buy Kratom in Edmonton, Alberta

We´ve been able to determine the best place to Buy Kratom in Edmonton by following a criteria that helped us judge the level of reputabity of a vendor and the quality of the products they sold. For more information, take a look at the list below.

Top Criteria – Finding a Kratom Edmonton Shop

As Kratom is still a highly unregulated herbal, identifying a vendor that sells it and one where you can trust the source, isn´t so easy. Use your intuition.   if you enter into a shop that sells Kratom and you start to have a funny feeling, you can take your money else where. Even if the product is low cost and accessible it doens´t mean that it’s reputable. See below for a list of criteria that we follow when finding the best kratom shops in Edmonton.

Customer Service & Knowledge

Staff knowledge and level of assistence provided is in many ways a clear indicator of the type of operation they’re running. Companies focused on the customer experience and providing their target audience with the best quality product will invest in highly trained staff. A legitimate company ensures they hire the right people, who know what they´re speaking about. High importance is placed on providing the potential buyer with acccurate information on the products offered.  When you find two shops offering the same products, customer service is often the determining factor of ultimately where you will buy in the end.

Harvest  Practices

Sustainable farming and harvesting practices should be a high focus when looking for a vendor. Knowing where your product is produced as well as the time of year of the harvest is an important piece of criteria to follow in order to help determine the quality.

Quality & Purity

Every buyer you purchase from should be able to provide information on the extensive testing that has been done on the product, both at the source as well as the distribution stage. Strict testing procedures ensures the products are free of contaminants and allows the company to verify its level of purity.

Strains Available

After quality and purity, the next concern should be the availability of strains. The more diverse the product line the better. Although important, this isn´t necessarily a factor to focus on when it comes to reputability of a company

Best Kratom Shop in Edmonton

Within  the last six months, there have been a number of Health Canada Kratom product raids in local Edmonton shops. As a result, many vendors once selling Kratom, have been required to pull the item off their shelves. Many storefronts are getting around this by switching over their marketing. They´re doing this by taking the product from the shelve to online. This type of service is a hybrid system. It allows the buyer to explore the product line online, then go pick up their order in person.

Krae Kratom – Krae Edmonton

The best place we´ve found, based on our research and customer reviews, has been Krae Kratom. They have a website, Facebook and IG which holds all the information on their company and what they offer. Krae Kratom has two West Edmonton stores. Both locations offer a pick up service or the same day delivery within the city. They purchase only the best kratom that is available in Canada. Krae Kratom sources from three of the top suppliers in the country. Quality, purity and tests for the absence of contaminates are highly important for them. The company ensures that every product they sell has gone through rigorous testing and the source and distribution stage.

One of their tag lines is ´High Quality Kratom in Your Hands Today´ and they most definitely live up to this. None of the kratom they sell contains fillers and is highy pure. Their product is praised by many for its quality and effectiveness.

Customer Testimonials

Ordering Your Krae Products

Ordering is simple, take a look online at any one of the products they currently offer (Green Kapuas, Golden Kalimantan, Red Borneo, Green Malaysian, White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and Yellow Thai Maeng Da), then call or text, the number provided, to place your order. If you are picking up your order, you can do so between then hours of 9am-9pm throughout the week. Delivery to your door, at a low cost of $5, is available evenings and weekends and will require a minimum order of 60g. Paying for your order is just as simple as making your purchase. Whether you choose to pick up or use the delivery service, payment is handled at the pickup/delivery stage.  Acceptable payment will be either cash or Interact E-transfer.

  • Pick up/Delivery option
  • Within 24 h your Kratom is in your hands
  • High quality product
  • Trusted & tested for purity
  • Wide selection


  • Slightly higher price – In our opinion, paying a slightly higher price to guarantee a better quality product and source is A good tradeoff.
  • No free delivery – The fee is very low though at $5


Krae Kratom Edmonton can be contacted through their general inquiry form, via their chat function or by call/text to (780) 919-7423.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Tracking down a reliable vendor in Edmonton to buy Kratom from isn´t easy, especially now a days. Krae Kratom in Edmonton offers a high quality and trusted product at your fingertips within 24 hours. Their staff use the products and stand behind them 100% and so do all the reviews of their satisfied cusomters. If you´re looking for a kratom source in Edmonton that you can trust for quality, purity, and that is free for contaminants, Krae Kratom is the best option in Edmonton. 

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